Walter Wind Series Walter Wind Series A Walter Wind Collection Five of Joan's Walter Wind stories are now collected under one cover with original illustrations as seen in the individual books. Included Stories :- Walter Wind, Walter Wind and Trash Recycled, Walter Wind and the Turbine, Walter Wind and Red Hat and Walter Wind Rescues Santa 198858993 Walter Wind Series Walter Wind and Red Hat is a story about a little boy named Red Hat who is being bullied in the schoolyard. RELEASE DATE SET FOR NOVEMBER, 2014 195888269 Walter Wind What is that awful howling noise and who makes the windows rattle at night? IT'S WALTER WIND! 119839347 Walter Wind and the Turbine WALTER WIND learns about the arrival of this Angel-looking thing with sticks standing up on its head. What is this Angel-looking thing? What is it doing in Mulberry? What is its job? 119839348 Walter Wind and Trash Recycled Walter Wind solves the mystery of all the multi-coloured garbage cans. 119839349 Walter Wind Rescues Santa "Well, I'll be darned!" Walter said. "This has to be Santa Claus and the Reindeer I heard the children talking about today." 119839350 Walter Wind Placemat - Walter Wind and his friends, Trees. 127855351