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Photo Gallery

Joan Daulby Award for Young Writers-April, 2013 Joan Daulby Award for Young Writers-April, 2013 Proud Winners with Joan Daulby Award for Young Writers 177820115 Grade Three Winners April, 2013 Maya - "The Floating Bubble" 3rd Place, Brendon - "The Harp" 1st Place, Katelyn - "Hanuting Hour" - 2nd Place. Prizes for Grade 3 Awards sponsored by Eric Snider, Green Family in Memory of David Green. David thought it was good to get the interest of writers while they were young and felt expressing their imaginations and ideas in words was an important element to be encouraged. 177820117 Grade 4,5 Winners April, 2013 Kaia - "Dark Twist" 1st place, Genevieve - "The Monkey and the Aliens" Third Place, Mira - "The Haunted Mitts" 2nd Place. Grade 4, 5 and Grades 6,7,8 Prizes were sponsored by the National Bank who expressed their donation be used towards encouraging the literary arts of young writers. 177820118 Grade 6,7,&8 Winners April, 2013 Jacob - "Memories" 3rd Place, Sydney - "The Everlasting Bond" 1st Place, Gracie - "Unbreakable" 2nd Place. 177820121 I love the nonchalance of this photo! 177820120 Nine Winners with Joan Daulby April, 2013 Winners with their certificate - Joan Daulby Award for Young Writers. Joan Daulby in the middle - the oldest one. Smile! 177820123 Brendon reading his story Story title "The Harp" Grade Three Category 177822347 Maya reading her story Story title "The Floating Bubble Grade 3 Category 177822351 Genevieve read her story Story Title "The Monkey and the Aliens" Grade 4,5 Category 177822348 Gracie reading her story Story title "Unbreakable" Grade 6, 7, & 8 Category 177820116 Jacob reading his story Story Title "Memories" Grade 6, 7 & 8 177822349 Sydney reading her story Story title " The Everlasting Bond" Grade 6,7,& 8 Category 177822350